Single software solution for HSS, HLR, AuC, EIR and SLF

The Summa HSS product is a multi-profile subscriber management system designed with an objective to consolidate all the information (or profiles) of a mobile subscriber. It enables the operator with centralization of subscriber information/data in one logical place and convergence of subscriber's registration, authentication and call termination at the core of the network, regardless of the access technology. (2G/3G or 4G).

The Summa HSS product combines a Home Location Register (HLR) and a Home Subscriber Service (HSS) in one product. The Summa HSS product includes an integrated Authentication Centre (AuC) all running on a scalable, dynamic and secure system and within a single subscriber management platform. Due to this combined product implementation it enables a range of innovative solutions such as advanced low-cost roaming, fixed operator IMS deployments, or enabling VoLTE in combination with an IMS-core and LTE Radio infrastructure from any product vendor.

The Summa NextGen HSS enables the creation and management of a single subscription with an unlimited number of profiles:

  • Home Subscriber Server (HSS) for LTE Data
  • Equipment Identity Register (EIR)
  • Subscriber Location Function (SLF)
  • Home Subscriber Server (HSS) for IMS Voice
  • Home Location Register (HLR) and Authentication Center (AuC) for 2G/3G

The HSS and HLR functions share a single data repository, which provides convergence of subscription-related information (subscriber profiles), authentication, subscriber location and IP information.

Product features

  • Fully integrated HLR and HSS solution with a single subscriber database and shared AuC.
  • Complete GUI to manage all HSS/HLR configuration parameters.
  • Fully compliant data-model with 3GPP Release 15 standard and with interfaces and performance requirements designed and tested for multi-vendor environments.
  • Wide range of deployment options, from single virtual node to a fully geo-redundant setup. It can be deployed directly on COTS hardware or virtualized in a cloud environment.
  • Support for multiple tenants on the same deployment and for multiple network appearances within the same tenant.
  • Seamless support for multiple identities per subscriber, including multiple IMSI’s and MSISDN’s.
  • Extensive roaming controls for both HLR and HSS.
  • Web based APIs for automated provisioning and control.
  • Complete set of counters and statistics of the platform, network stacks and services.
Product features image


The Summa NextGen HSS offers service providers a carrier grade software product that combines HSS and HLR in a single solution. It features a transparent license model that scales with your business. Summa provides an excellent alternative for service providers facing the typical barriers of the traditional HLR and HSS products:

  • Complete offering for GSM, UMTS, LTE, IMS, Wi-Fi and M2M networks.
  • Affordable, designed to be cost effective also for smaller operators and MVNO’s.
  • No pricing and scalability barriers typical for traditional HSS products.
  • Robust, carrier grade solution, N+1 scalable, high available, geo-redundant.
  • Convergence of subscriber information across access networks.
  • Support for multi-SIM, multi-IMSI, multi-MSISDN, multi-HPLMN/country, multi-profile and virtual routing instances.
  • Single software solution for HSS, HLR, AuC, EIR and SLF;
  • Single subscription with unlimited number of profiles.
  • Multi-tenant solution to support multiple user types/groups.
  • Software based, supports NFV and cloud deployment.