The Challenge

Private LTE networks are a new communications trend in the market. A private LTE is a local cellular network that includes cell sites and core network servers dedicated to supporting the connectivity of a specific organization’s requirements independent of the cellular networks of service providers.

Institutions, factories, University campuses, Hospitals, Mining facilities and many more are examples where Private LTE Networks can play a significant role to bring new value to communications.

Essentially, a simple generic use case could be a user being connected to his carrier in his daily life and when he enters his company facilities, let’s say a factory, his device is switched into the company’s mobile network.

All communications would then happen on that network until user gets out of the facility, so he reconnects to his personal subscription with his carrier. Therefore, main benefit of Private LTE Networks is that organizations can handle their mission-critical communications with an effective SLA avoiding the congested public networks.

Implementing a Private LTE Network is obviously not a trivial task.

One of the main hurdles is to find a suitable core network adapted to the business model Private LTE requires (relatively small number of customers, irregular patterns of traffic…).

And one of the main pieces of the core network is to have an SDM (Subscriber Data Management solution) able to handle several IMSIs and/or several SIMs seamless, implement solutions to manage switching between different networks and all use cases around what effectively is an advanced roaming scenario for both voice and data.

The Solution

Summa Networks HLR/HSS is suited to be a central piece in a Private LTE Network deployment. Its extended roaming features, Multi-IMSI, Multi-SIM, Multi-MSISDN capabilities together with a flexible business model based in OPEX with virtually no lower subscribers limit make our SDM solution. As 3GPP Release 15 compliant solution, proven to interwork with many core vendors Summa Networks HLR/HSS can be easily integrated within any Private LTE Network project.

If you are planning your strategy on Private Networks, let us know so we can tailor a solution to your needs.