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News 15 September 2017

Summa announcing release 3.5 of our NextGen HSS

What better presentation card than a nice API to show to our customers.

We are proud to announce a new API for our customers to improve the usability of our platform. Even though we strive to generate nice and easy Web Services, the inherent complexity of the HSS / HLR hinders our integration capabilities. We currently have 15 WS endpoints, which provide endless possibilities, however it has an important learning curve.

The API is a new Web Service that enables easy integration of OSS / BSS functions, such as creating subscribers, editing subscribers’ details, and your typical day-to-day operations.

A sneak preview on the next release: New features for SMS home routing, and the ability to control per IMSI the activation status.

Please contact us at to get a comprehensive document about the 3.5 release of Summa Networks’NextGen HSS.

Summa Networks, HLR & HSS provider for MVNOs and IoT worldwide.

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