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News 22 June 2020

Summa Networks Subscriber Data Management solution selected for OXIO Connectivity-as-a-Service platform

Global connectivity-as-a-service provider OXIO selects Summa Networks’ Home Subscriber Server (HSS) and Home Location Register (HLR) technology for BrandVNO™ solution.

Madrid, 22 June 2020 OXIO, a global connectivity-as-a-service provider, has selected Summa Networks’ HSS and HLR for its BrandVNO™ solution. Summa Networks’ carrier grade HSS and HLR is a feature-rich solution that combines LTE HSS, IMS HSS and HLR in a single piece of software, allowing seamless interworking between 3G, 4G, 4.5G and 5G. Summa Networks’ technology is a proven solution for MVNOs and other broadband and telecommunications service providers to deliver IoT, Voice, and data services.

OXIO BrandVNO™ enables any enterprise worldwide to deliver mobile connectivity. The platform supplies rich data through its analytics APIs for companies to further tailor their services to the behaviors of their customers. Unlike traditional providers, the OXIO platform has the ability to connect to any carrier for maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

OXIO (along with, and Accountability Lab Mexico) has just launched Oxígeno2030 using Summa Networks’ HSS / HLR. Oxigeno2030 is an initiative that leverages at-cost mobile connectivity and a platform to learn new digital skills to help people hit by the COVID crisis, as social and economic recovery strategies are implemented throughout the country. The initiative, which adheres to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, is based on the principle of letting any enterprise sponsor mobile subscriptions to help individuals in need stay connected during these times.

“We offer any organization the possibility of integrating their offer with an MVNO proposition without the complexity and high costs of traditional enablers. Summa Networks’ native Cloud-based HSS and HLR help us in achieving our cost targets while offering a carrier-agnostic solution to support our multi-network approach. Summa Networks’ Subscriber Data Management is also easy to provision and to deploy, thanks to its intuitive user interface“ says Nicolas Girard Ph.D, CEO of OXIO.

“OXIO’s ground-breaking project is the proof that there are still uncharted opportunities in the MVNO sector and we are really proud to be part of this innovative approach. Connectivity is now more important than ever, so we hope to contribute to the endeavour of providing reachability to everyone” says Javier Martin, Chief Executive Officer of Summa Networks.

About OXIO

OXIO helps mobile subscribers around the world pay less for data and stay connected so that they can actively participate in the global digital economy. The OXIO solution builds a virtualized multi-carrier network that is white-labeled to Enterprises, to let them easily bundle wireless into their existing products; allowing them to fully take advantage of their newfound status as wireless operators, from controlling the user experience to getting intelligence from user usage and empowering their business KPIs. OXIO’s BrandVNO™ platform is a fully managed, cloud-based solution that was architected from the ground up for multi-network and multi-operator virtualization. With BrandVNO™, traditional or non-traditional mobile providers can simultaneously leverage multiple national carriers, operationalizing new, branded customer experiences at their pace, with minimal additional cost. For more information, visit

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